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Case Study about holistic design development in a slightly different market. For Nomi Tang we developed products, the name, the brand, packaging and much more.

Better than chocolate!Good vibrations - Nomi Tang
Better than chocolate!
Good vibrations - Nomi Tang

sensual product design

Nomi Tang Logo


Good Vibrations – Well Thought Out Adult Toys

A start-up brand with consistent CI

The goal was to attack the Asian and international markets for adult toys with an innovative product line. Via a sensual and high quality brand, the focus was on a confident and design-oriented market that established brands had so far neglected.


Our culturally diverse team work in the German and Chinese offices created uniquely shaped toys for adults with a natural and confident design. The new brand Nomi Tang was developed by WILDDESIGN from scratch and is the basis for the product design, packaging design and a comprehensive design manual.


From Hong Kong, the new brand spread rapidly around the global adult toy market. By winning the red dot Design Award 2010 for "Better Than Chocolate", Nomi Tang with this iconic product has left competitors far behind.

red dot design award


  • Successful new product line
  • New brand and Corporate Identity
  • Innovative product packaging
  • red dot design award
adult toys with an innovative product line

brand identity development

Implementation of the brand identity for the packaging


Nomi Tang's language of organic shapes and inspiring brand identity empowers customers to experience physicality, self-confidence, desire and satisfaction again.

With the stated aim of transforming the somewhat lackluster "adult toy" segment in a "sensual products" one, Nomi Tang is increasing social acceptance in this area.

The project began with a detailed analysis and brand definition, and the question of how these attributes could be communicated through the brand.

The result has been a creative and personal brand identity that links the brand with the consumer.

Markus Wild

Your contact partner

Markus Wild, CEO

Things we did in this project


  • Brand identity and brand character
  • Slogan „My Pleasure“
  • Typo logo as wordmark and lettermark
  • Watercolors

Brand & CI Development

  • CI Manual
  • Template-development


Social Media



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