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REJOIN - Surgical instruments - reinterpreted.

During three years of collaboration with the newly established Chinese medical start-up Mastin / REJOIN, our Shanghai team has developed a completely new and courageous approach in the market for sports medicine implants and non-invasive arthroscopic tools for surgery.

Combining the striking forms of angular ribbing and the enticing depths of translucent magenta, the design language is primarily the result of ergonomic research coupled with manufacturing optimisation in regard to injection molding capabilities. The ribbing creates an optimal grip which is both comfortable and lightweight for the surgeon's hand whilst cutting material costs for the supplier's pocket. The translucency creates an understanding of internal chambers used for dispensing implants, aiding the surgeon within arthroscopic procedures.

To ensure the REJOIN brand stood up against big global competition, a synergy between both brand and product identities was implemented via WILDDESIGN's design guideline process in the form of a bespoke CIDM (Corporate Industrial Design Manual). This manual could be called upon throughout any product development process, increasing the efficiency of design phases and creating more coherency for the brand within the market.

Jon Walmsley describes this extraordinary project in a detailed three part blog below:


Quan Shan, General Manager

The future’s non-invasive
The future’s non-invasive – Part II
The future’s non-invasive – Part III


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