Medical Design - health and quality of life.

Every day we develop functional and usable solutions for serious problems and help our customers to turn them into real business successes. The less the user feels this effort, the better we have done our job.


We are an award-winning strategic design Agency.
Our focus: medical design, health and quality of life. 

Over the past 30 years we have been able to convert ideas into successful products, user interfaces and brands for more than 350 small and large companies from all over the world. German Design & Engineering is in our DNA, we are precise and passionate, disciplined and, like all true creatives, a little wild...


Arab Health 2023
Clinomic MONA - Artificial Intelligence for the ICUREJOIN - THE FUTURE IS NON-INVASIVEPraluBase - Medication management device gets IF Award 2018Mobinostics - Point of Care diagnostic for animal healthSalvia medical - a product, a brand - reinvented!24 Designfactors - our unique design methodologyUsability Engineering and integrated DesignPantec - Innovative medical laser for skin treatment
Clinomic MONA - Artificial Intelligence for the ICU
PraluBase - Medication management device gets IF Award 2018
Mobinostics - Point of Care diagnostic for animal health
Salvia medical - a product, a brand - reinvented!
24 Designfactors - our unique design methodology
Usability Engineering and integrated Design
Pantec - Innovative medical laser for skin treatment


We know how to achieve attractiveness and recognition.

Our design service is the perfect complement to all your in-house activities. Like small success accelerators, our services are effective at exactly the right point in your process chain. At the same time, you reduce your risk of being late on the market or of relying on the wrong product. You keep everything under control all the time. You stand at the wheel.

Find out how you can use our creative power in a meaningful way....

WILDDESIGN has won numerous Design Awards and shows highlights in several product design case studies.


The human being at the center, as a user, patient or consumer. There are many roles into which a person involuntarily falls as soon as he or she is confronted with products or wants to use them. User Centered Design aims at understanding these roles and translating them into products in a meaningful way.

The human dimension is a level that we consider to a high degree in our product design projects. Ergonomics in the mechanical/physical sense but also in the sense of perception, e.g. of user interfaces on a computer screen, plays an increasingly important role in product design. In the development of medical products, usability is now regulated by law and provides us designers with a framework and direction for product design.

Starting with an analysis of the context of use, we create an exact idea about the workflows, the environment as well as the nature and tasks of the product’s users. Before we develop creative concepts, the requirements from the analysis must be clearly defined. Only if that is given, it makes sense to think about solutions.

We come full circle by building prototypes and models which we can use to evaluate product design concepts. Verification and validation of usability are always at the end of our User Centered Design activities.


For us, Design Thinking is not just a modern buzzword, but lived practice in our product design processes. A good product can only be created if all influencing factors are taken into account. Our multidisciplinary approach considers this and starts with an exploration of user needs.

As in the User Centered Design approach, focus is on the needs of users. These are not only explored using objective statistical methods, as it is for example the case in market research, but subjective empathy is central.

Putting ourselves as developers into the situation, environment and position of those who are affected is the key to success. Not only do we want to know, but also to perceive, touch and experience. We regularly swap roles wherever possible, experiencing the user perspective, exploring the "user experience".

As product designers, we have the means and methods to uncover problems and solve them in a creatively and innovatively.


We can only see the success of our product design developments in the future. In this respect, it is important to make the right assumptions early on. This has nothing to do with reading coffee grounds, but with knowing the major, overarching trend lines, the Megatrends.

On the formal side, by contrast, there are design trends. Sometimes short-lived, sometimes shaping the style of an entire era, design trends are the concrete expression of the zeitgeist and social trends.

For our product design processes, we use both trend levels for the strategic orientation of the product. Methods such as Roadmapping or stylistic Mood Boards help to illustrate the findings.

We act as trend scouts on a regular basis, writing MEDICAL DESIGN TREND REVIEWS and collecting meaningful examples on our WILDDESIGN-PINTEREST ACCOUNT.


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