0318 Subcontractor chaos

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Subcontractor chaos #0318

Project risks • project risk orga

If external professionals are involved in a project as subcontractors, a higher level of professionalism and quality of results is often a priori assumed. However, the subcontractor has to be properly managed. If the subcontractor lacks important information, it cannot perform its work to the expected extent.



If the work of a subcontractor is insufficient, there is the possibility of complaints and agreements on rectification of defects. However, time is often pressing and a contractual solution is difficult to agree upon. The solution lies in experienced teams that get along well. And in the active leadership of the subcontractor by the project manager. He must pass on the task in detail and describe the interfaces at which the partial performance will be incorporated into the product in advance. In the case of new, previously untested subcontractors, he has to keep a closer eye on the work than in his own team.


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