Hemacore | product design to prototype and series

Case Study about a fast-paced product development to prototype and series using the example of Thrombodynamic Analyser, a laboratory device for platelet check.

excellent aesthetics in laboratory technology6 months to small seriesproduct design as a brand experience
excellent aesthetics in laboratory technology
6 months to small series
product design as a brand experience

Thrombodynamics Analyser T2


The HemaCore LLC Company developed a measurement methodology for coagulation diagnostics, in which not only extracts of the coagulation cascade, but the entire process is analyzed for its progression and its balance. The System Development Company velixX GmbH commissioned WILDDESIGN for this innovative technology to develop an attractive design that meets the requirements for usability, functionality and appearance of a modern laboratory equipment. The aim was to develop a housing design for rapid conversion into series production and the delivery of 20 pre-series housings within an overall framework of six months.

Design process Scribble
prototype evaluation
Small series production


All the specifications for internal components, production techniques, the product architecture and mechanical details were produced in the analysis phase, in close direction of the system coordinator Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Augstein of velixX GmbH. Based on this specifications, an attractive and welcoming design for the device was developed as part of the design concept. In view of the production technology that was chosen, the housing was constructed and tested in the design development using prototypes. Finally, the implementation was coordinated for the 20 pre-production housings.


WILDDESIGN developed in close cooperation with the velixX GmbH an attractive contemporary design for the device with reduced geometric shapes and clean surfaces, putting the innovative analysis process at the center. The low-key, functional design has a highly visible LED ring to show the current process status and communicates in this way directly with the user. The implementation of the 20-piece pre-series was done rapidly and efficiently with our external partner canto Ing. GmbH for the launch of the product in November 2012.

... client perspective

Logo HemaCore Thrombodynamics Analyser

great cooperation

"During our collaboration with WILDDESIGN we were really impressed with their experience, mobility and willingness to collaborate to achieve the best possible result. They have managed to complete the project in a very tight timeframes regardless of different alternations from the main concept that had appeared during the design process.

high technical standard

The technical level of the design was very high and detailed. That allowed us to start manufacturing in a very short times without any delays and achieve the desired results from the first attempt. We believe that finally we have got an innovative medical product with outstanding design and usability."

Igor Pivovarov, HemaCore CEO




Igor Pivovarov
HemaCore LLC, CEO

Competence and aesthetics

VelixX Logo

"WILDDESIGN's competence in project management and technical implementation has really impressed me. The collaboration has been very constructive and target-driven. The combination of a strong formal and color sense with the consistent focus on customer needs fostered the development of a fantastic product ready for attracting a lot of attention. With such a design language, complex diagnostic systems are attractive and easy to use. The 'Thrombodynamics Analyser T2' literally invites to be used!"

Project Outcomes

red dot design award
Prototype analysis Igor Pivovarov
Dipl.Ing. M.Augstein in dialog
Prototype analysis Manfred Augstein
with I.Pivovarov and M.Wild
Manfred Augstein, VelixX CEO




Manfred Augstein
VelixX GmbH, CEO

Details of the measuring chamber
Details of the measuring chamber
LED ring displays process status
LED ring displays process status
product design line-up variants
Variants in design process
Markus Wild

Your contact partner

Markus Wild, CEO


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