Ydunvie | Fighting acne with style

Award winning product - combining usability and style
Award winning product - combining usability and style

Ydunvie Acne Remover


In the beginning of 2014, Ydunvie, a Sino-Danish start-up, approached us for assistance in designing an innovative anti-acne device for its debut on a more and more competitive and demanding Chinese market. The team behind the Ydunvie brand, already having more than 20 years of experience in providing effective and modern aesthetics systems, wanted the product to maintain an universal style, preparing for the subsequent introductions on American and European markets, all the while keeping it appealing for its target group consisting mainly of females aged 15-35 who suffer from acne problems. 


During the entire design process the WILDDESIGN Product Team kept in mind three key factors indispensable for the perfect functioning of Nova™, i.e. the comfort and ease of use, bio-compatibility of employed materials essential in regard to permanent skin contact and endurance in humid conditions typical for bathrooms. Designers at WILDDESIGN primarily focused on the device’s shape and ergonomics to ensure the best possible user experience essential when treating each facial imperfection one by one. After deciding on cylindrical and compact shape the Product Team concentrated on Nova™’s appearance and did its best to incorporate the finest traits associated with Scandinavian design, like simplicity, functionality and human orientation, into the device’s outlook. Thanks to prototyping and constant contact with the client we were able to obtain the desired design of Nova™ in a very short period of time. 


WILDDESIGN decided to use a clear and unmissable design language based on a transition between a sharp body and a soft head which stands for technology ‘bending over’ its final user and serving human needs. The final version of Nova™ comes in three stylish colour variations - universal silver, gold and more feminine purple. Our efforts paid off in the form of the iF Design Award received by Ydunvie in March 2015. Find out more on our blog: Scandinavian Device in the Fight against Acne


Find out more about Nova™ on our blog Scandinavian Device in the Fight Against Acne

Project Outcomes:

  • Product Design
  • Ergonomics
  • Prototyping
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