Case Study about an extensive design development inclusive GUI by the example of the XOTOCAM, the ingenious medical camera for mobile photo and wound documentation


Photographing can't be excluded of our everyday life nowadays. Every telephone has a high speed camera, countless Digicams in bag or professional format are our constant companions, not only on vacation trips. Each instant is filmed and documented live.

Quite strange: why hasn't this trend established itself just as much when it comes to medicine and health? The photography did not arrive in today's doctor's offices yet. It all seems too inconvenient, to obtain the correct exposure, document the records and assign the findings to the correct patient.

For the purchase documentation in the dermatology there are already sophisticated systems, but for all other medical fields, starting at foster care up to operations a controllable, easy to use, safe and robust photo system is missing. If anything, small digital cameras from the consumer range are used, but how are you supposed to keep those things hygenically clean?

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With this problem awareness in mind, XotonicsMed managing director Uwe Seidel came to us at the beginning of 2015 and wanted to radically produce relief. The best clinical camera should be developed - despite high tech on the inside, extremely easy to use. A very easy system for the practical use of photography in the hospital. To formulate this objective may have already been a ingenious step, but the appropriate technical development which followed was extraordinarily challenging. 6 months of development, with some loops and new requirements until the concept was finally finished.&


While in the consumer world everything becomes smaller, the Xotocam is remarkably big. As large as a modern tablet with a 7 inch display and touch operation. The sharp-edged design with the marked handle grip is the most remarkable. A logical design decision after a set of fast handling tests with one-time-gloves, wet fingers and in busy working environment. The XOTOCAM should be noticeable everywhere and illustrate her handling. It tells the user: "look, here I am, you can grab me, and if I ever accidentally hit something - well, that's not too tragic either because I am robust!" The differently colored gummings on the grasp surfaces provide additional optical and haptic grip for the tilt and stable camera.

Special care was taken of the resistant and disinfectable surface. The safety class IP 64 provides perfect wipe disinfection while the insides are protected against intruding moistness. There are many reasons for the grey-blue color scheme, explains project manager Dennis Kulage: "We wanted it to look very different from the small, smart Digicams and build a professional appearance on our own. And: small, glittering objects disappear nevertheless simply too often in jacket pockets."


In the middle of development, this question emerged more urgently and had to be solved. If you always have to search for the camera first, its value will be small. The time-saving solution was a smart loading station with a wall bracket. In it is the local WLAN, in whose area the camera is logged in. The remarkable porthole corresponds with the camera optics and gives a clear impulse: only in the loading station is the camera in its place again. That way, the camera can be positioned at a wall and save space, no matter in what station or operating room it currently is in.

movable holder for the XotoCAM 1.1
Movable holder for the XotoCAM 1.1
Wall docking station for data transfer and charging
Wall docking station for data transfer and charging

3D View


Hold left mouse button
pressed and move


Use mouse wheel
to zoom

Always having the correct lightning without large adjusting, this was demanded from the image quality. A new LED light ring was developed and produced prominent in the design, in order to ensure a shade-free illuminating, even with very short camera-to-subject distance of under 20cm. Because of the integrated fixed focus the camera focuses up to a 4K dissolution immediately, therefore there is no need to worry about that either.

With the big 7 inch touch display one can not only photograph comfortably, but also edit the images on the illuminated display easily. For the accurate measurement of wounds, scars or skin surfaces a laser module was integrated. Therewith unique and repeated results can be documented. The appropriate GUI Design for the display surface was cleared up by us and arranged functionally as well as optimized for the most important activities.

The correct patient is selected very easy from a patient list before the admission via bar code or over the name input on the touch display. This way, all photos can be assigned automatically to the correct patient and his/her patient chart. "Instead of assigning the frame number to the patient number and later on entering it into the archive by hand, the photo will automatically be archived", explained XotonicsMed managing director Uwe Seidel.


The Clou of the system is the coupling to the existing hospital information systems (KIS/PACS) over usual interfaces such as HL7 and DICOM. The coupling takes place over WLAN, over RJ45 by power supply plug or over TCP/IP. An encoding of the data is made automatically to fulfill a basic condition around the security standards demanded in Germany. The camera can be equipped with a user restriction and different options for user recognition such as ID, voice or face recognition.

The XOTOCAM 1.1 optimized for the purposeful employment in the clinical everyday life. Its advantage is the comparatively simple operation of complex technology. Functionality and design are united in a perfectly new form. Photograph, film, measuring, commentating and archiving in one, there has never been anything like it before!

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