industrial product design for manufacturing

USB stick design for manufacturing
USB stick design for manufacturing

san disk


SANDISK is the world’s largest manufacturer of USB flash drives. The company approached WILDDESIGN needing industrial product design that would create a new USB memory stick for the XBOX. The product design language needed to align with the iconic XBOX design, and would be sold as a matching but stand-alone product.


After analysis and research of the XBOX’s design language, we abstracted guidelines for our own industrial product design, and then began concept development. Together with SANDISK’s engineers, we evaluated the design for manufacturing, making sure that all tooling and certification requirements were applied to the selected designs.


In total, three USBs of WD’s industrial product design for manufacturing were selected by SANDISK and put into mass production. The design language was optimized not only to match the gaming system, but also focus was on user interface, with a sider function instead of a loose cap that easily gets lost. This created a product with a solid combination of style and function.

Project Outcomes

  • Analysis of the XBOX Design Language
  • Product Design
  • Design for Manufacturing
Concept variation
Final product family


Quan Shan, General Manager


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