Smart Triple Roll Mill
Smart Triple Roll Mill



The new company Trilos would focus its core product on three-roll-milling machines. We were very excited to assist in the development of the brand and product identity. Our client wanted to reach new customers on the global market, so in order to ensure that WILDDESIGN team strived to create a visual impact with a highly integrated machine. 


With the WILDDESIGN 360° approach, we started with the branding for the newly found company. We were able to tap into its core values and needs and create an image that would have a long lasting story and still be able to grow into the future. Thanks to competition screening we also were able to point out advantages where our client could find a new niche within the market.


We developed a list of names to go with our new brand that gave a powerful feel and focused on an idea of “three”. That’s how the brand name Trilos was born. After creating the brand story, we went straight into concept for the product and brand identity. We aimed for a product that had a striking appearance and fit the values of our client’s new company. The chosen values ‘Refined’ and ‘Bespoke’ reflect the precision, user centred usage and customized operation approach offered by Trilos’ three-roll-milling machines.


The new brand gives a sleek, sharp and clear impression. Our graphic team created a logotype that is simple and modest in design. Our goal was to keep the logo sharp but light and airy. With an added sense of movement we highlighted its dynamic feel. The logo was then translated to the overall business system to create an eye-catching identity that focuses on an open design and a sleek feel.

For the design of the product, the aim was that the overall aesthetic was clear. We took a new approach in the market compared to the competitors. What distinguish Trilos three-roll-mills from most of the options available on the market, is its smart and fully customizable user interaction module. We focused on translating awkward physical functions into a newly integrated and electronically controlled touch screen that no other competitor has. The rounded corners of the design, and sharp cover bring contrast to the overall design. The blue pop of colors adds interest and variety to the design. It feels refined in style and professional.


We translated the brand identity to a full responsive website for easy access among platforms. A single page website allows for easy scrolling and easy content finding. Our goal was to make the audience able to look at each product without being overwhelmed with unnecessary information.  

Project Outcomes:

  • 360˚
  • Design Concept
  • Design Development
  • Design prototype
  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Identity
  • Corporate Communications
  • Webdesign


Quan Shan, General Manager


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