SIFEC | European Logo Design for Chinese company

Case Study about the corporate design development for SIFEC, the renowned fashion training institute in Shanghai.

Final logo design
Final logo design

Logo development for the haute couture


Shanghai International Fashion Education Center (SIFEC) is aiming to become one of the leading fashion instituts in the world, and to put Shanghai as the next destination on the global fashion map. To gain recognition and respect on such a competitive market you need to enter with a strong brand and visual identity. WILDDESIGN was asked to design their new logo design, not only representing the brand but also to reflect its vision and pursue.


When contacting WILDDESIGN SIFEC was almost finished with their new Shanghai campus, a modern asymmetric steel construction, an iconic building that gave us inspiration when developing their logo design.
Before starting to design a logo it’s important that the brand name and any potential brand statements or slogans are finalized. WD supported that the abbreviation SIFEC was chosen, a short and consist name that can be pronounced “sai-fec” in most languages.
Five different logo design concepts were created, based on SIFECs background and heritage, their business core values and trends in competitor’s visual identity and logo design.


A sophisticated, sleek and modern logo design, that fits seamlessly into the international fashion industry. Its inspiration and concept name was reflection – representing how fashion always is a reflection of today’s society and culture. The E, standing for education, is therefor turned to mirror the F in fashion.

project outcomes

  • Naming Consulting
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • E-mail Signature Design
Logo design concepts
Logo design concepts
Final logo design and its reversed option
Final logo design and its reversed option
Business card template
Business card template
Logo design construction
Logo design construction
Markus Wild

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Markus Wild, CEO


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