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Case Study about combined brand and product development using the example of the intensive care ventilator Elisa 800 VIT.

Salvia medical - a brand reinvents itselfELISA 800 - breathing like naturenew Graphical User Interface Designoptimized for everyday life in intensive careConsistent unit of product and brand
Salvia medical - a brand reinvents itself
ELISA 800 - breathing like nature
new Graphical User Interface Design
optimized for everyday life in intensive care
Consistent unit of product and brand

A breath of fresh air for product design


How do you renovate your brand, developing 8 different redesigns and a completely new development in a highly competitive market - and all in less than 12 months? What sounds almost like a fairy tale is what we have experienced with our customer Salvia Medical last year in 2013 and going forward into 2014. The team led by project manager Oliver Koszel is proud to have achieved all the goals and helped bring a great business forward to the international stage. At Medica 2013 SALVIA took off, like a phoenix from the ashes.

The 7-minute film shows the exemplary cooperation between SALVIA medical and WILDDESIGN with an impressive result: from the vision to a multi-award-winning product right up to a completely reshaped company brand.


At the beginning of the project in the late summer of 2012 the desire was to develop an exceptional piece of intensive breathing apparatus that combines the most advanced ventilation strategies with the requirements of the clinical practice. Salvia Medical (then Salvia LIFETEC) commissioned the WILDDESIGN team in the Ruhr district to design a successor to the somewhat dated ELISA machine. Within the new intensive care ventilator, more than 40 years of engineering experience from Salvia teams was included and the corresponding design should significantly lift the market. The ambitious project called first at our multidisciplinary expertise and many years of experience within the Medical Design field.



We started with the study of competitive products to identify the problems with existing equipment. The old ELISA was originally designed as a console device, and the trolley was later built below. The system was difficult to maneuver and couldn’t be brought close to the patient. The user interface was poorly structured and its features overcrowded. It was time for a fresh start.


Salvia medical

... about design in medical technology:

“You simply need to have an idea, and the courage to implement it. This always pays off.”

... about a super ambitious project:

"As Medical OEM reinvent itself in less than a year? With the 360° WILDDESIGN support it works!"

Oliver Koszel

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Oliver Koszel, Creative Director

Salvia Elisa 800 Design Awards
Salvia elisa 800
Salvia elisa 800 graphical user interface
medical design Salvia elisa 800

Breathing like Nature.


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Medical Design Innovation

What the Salvia engineers then integrated into our design concept, borders on a revolution: the new Elisa 800 is the world's first fully integrated system that allows a non-invasive Respiratory Monitoring (EIT). Ventilation is more transparent and directly controllable. In the final design, we were able to bring all of our knowledge about the ergonomics and usability, the technical / mechanical conversion connect to the Salvia engineering team. The result is not only tidier and follows a uniform aesthetics, but the usability and ease of use has been dramatically improved.


  • Analysis phase
  • Design Concept
  • Design Development
  • Design prototype
  • Implementation phase
  • Small series production

GUI Design

The user interface of the ELISA 800 has been completely redesigned with regard to superior ease of use. A series of creative graphic ideas to illustrate the current situation of the lungs in the breathing process and for intuitive operation have been completely re-designed by our graphics team. The large touch screen was so clearly structured that it now holds the key indicators for interface clarity in intensive care medicine.

Brand Development


After the Elisa Project 800 was already well advanced, the new management of Salvia also asked us for holistic advice and assistance in the renewal of the brand. Our branding team took up the challenge with open arms to take the brand from an inconsistent and unimpressive established OEM manufacturer to a premium brand in medical technology.


From this phase of the collaboration, the Salvia logo with a new stand-out color scheme which the desired claim "Breathing like nature" translated perfectly come. Consistently, the brand design in the CI Manual has been mapped and transmitted in a very short time on all printed materials and brand support to new brochures and the new stand, which we designed for the Medica 2013. The new brand design is very nice to see in the small image film on the Salvia homepage.

Exhibition booth design Medica 2013
Exhibition booth design Medica 2013
Corporate Design Manual
Corporate design manual
Stationery design
Stationery design
Poster Layout
Poster Layout


  • Strategy Consulting
  • Naming
  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Identity
  • Color and imagery
  • Corporate Communications
  • Posters, billboards
  • Exhibition booth design
  • Webdesign
  • App design


The Salvia senior management does not believe in half measures and therefore asked us to adapt the complete product portfolio to the new brand identity. In addition to the colour scheme and the graphic design of front panels also included within the re design was the product flyers and the Web presence. At times we have been working with the entire team in Gelsenkirchen on the Salvia projects.

Product brochure Elisa 800
Product brochure Elisa 800
6-page product brochure Alpha front
6-page product brochure Alpha
6-page product brochure Alpha back


Salvia Webseite


On the basis of retrospection in the Internet Archive (old site | new site) can be seen perhaps most clearly what progress Salvia has made in such a short time. The new website is not only implemented according to a modern brand, but also contains practical information in a clear arrangement and creative graphic design. Extensions of the website like the new Facebook page or the technical information page "breathing like nature" are in continuous cultivation and maintenance.

Mode Finder - APP


Mode Finder Salvia App Logo

And even before the modern media makes Salvia not stop. The technical expertise of Salvia ventilation professionals, we were packed in a helpful little Android app. Here the idea to have a handy reference in your daily work, which leads through the different denominations in the intensive counseling. Unsafe or wrong decisions are avoided.

Salvia App design


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