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Case Study about an extensive design development including packaging and user interface design for a medical laser.

dynamic line of an innovative medical productmedical Laser for transdermal pharmaceutical treatmentGUI DesignPantec Please Professional
dynamic line of an innovative medical product
medical Laser for transdermal pharmaceutical treatment
GUI Design
Pantec Please Professional


medical design PLEASE Professional
pantec biosolutions Logo


P.L.E.A.S.E. ® Professional is a desktop model for a novel mode of drug delivery in medical practices. The device, designed to be stand-alone, controls a handheld laser, which the doctor can apply to micro-pores in the skin to prepare the skin area for the administration of medication via a patch.

In contrast to very painful drug injections, e.g. in hormone therapy, the use of the laser system is painless.

Together with the Pantec team we were delighted to receive the special appreciation of the red dot jury and the 2010 red dot honorable mention.



  • Unique design language
  • Intuitive handling and usage
  • Handlings studies

product development

  • 3D-Modeling
  • Ergonomic concept of use
  • Up to series support
design awards
Pantec PLEASE Professional Laserdevice
Pantec PLEASE Professional
Table device for a novel drug delivery

Packaging Design


The high quality and autonomy of the product also had to be reflected in the package. Overall, a unified system of 7 different packages with the following system components was developed:


  • the main unit disposable packaging
  • the main unit reusable packaging
  • Applicator
  • Information Set
  • Country Pack
  • CT insert (5 and 40 units)





With the aim of a holistic brand image, consistency was designed into the physical packaging and the graphic appearance for all the system components, and supported by appropriate manufacturers through to series implementation.


A unified look for the Pantec brand from the product, through the packaging, to the product manual.

Packaging PLEASE Professional closed
Packaging PLEASE Professional open
Packaging PLEASE Professional

Project outcomes

design concept

  • System design
  • Draft and layout
  • Dieline design

design development

  • 3D-CAD design
  • Engineering support
  • Supply management
  • 2D drawings

Medical GUI Design

5.7" touch screen GUISymbol Designclear logical structureintuitive usabilityPantec Biosolutions GUI
5.7" touch screen GUI
Symbol Design
clear logical structure
intuitive usability
Pantec Biosolutions GUI

challenge and approach

A successful touchscreen surface depends on clarity, logic, simplicity and intuitive operation. We met these requirements in the new GUI for PLEASE professional (honorable mention by red dot 2010) for our customer Pantec Biosolutions.

In order to achieve a holistic design, Pantec Biosolutions also came back to the WILDDESIGN team for the GUI. On the small 5.7 "touch screen, the designers were able to create astonishing possibilities with the amorphous control element. And the story goes further. Our company made the packaging of the system a whole level higher in functionality, safety and attractiveness.



  • Surface design
  • Icons and product graphics
  • GUI structure

Product development

  • Usability analysis
  • Simulation
  • Screendesign
Graphical User Interface Design Pantec PLEASE Professional
development Graphical User Interface Pantec PLEASE Professional
structuring Graphical User Interface Pantec PLEASE Professional
Marc Ruta

Your contact partner

Marc Ruta, project leader


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