Nokra and the new, a new laser operated measuring system produced by our partner nokra embodies the requirements of the industry today – precision, interactivity, adaptability, speed and quality without fail. nokra has come up with as a response to the raising demands when it comes to the windscreen manufacturing, like the need to develop high-precision surfaces for Head Up Displays, intricate coating etc. The team especially had in mind the fact that the results greatly depend on the prompt and precise feedback in the production chain.

The strongest asset nokra offers the market, based on their 15 years long experience in keeping up with the developments in the automobile industry represents the flexibility of It can be utilized for producing diverse types of not only windscreens, but back and side lites and it is usable in all stages of the manufacturing process from the bending surface to the finalizing touches. The software incorporated in the system supports as many measuring points as needed which allows for almost any shape to be developed and produced. 


nokra selected our team to design a modern housing that will reflect the core competences of the company, but also improve the usability of the product itself.

We have already proved our quality by designing the previous alpha.ti 4.0, so nokra decided to have us work on the design of the new system. Our focus on the customer, years of experience and the work we deliver having in mind the contemporary state-of-arts was crucial in nokra choosing our team for this considerable task.

What was our job?

The task of WILDDESIGN was to dress the already existing and designed technical system into a fitting housing. As the technical structure was already pre-defined, we have designed the encasings in contrasting colors that serves the increased usability of the laser heads and the system itself.

Additionally, our goal was to increase the maintenance and instalment outcomes. The complete housing was created step-by-step by designing different functional units from the powder-coated metal sheets. The ultimate goal was to create a modern housing that is easy to use and install, but also picks up on the already formal parameters of alpha.ti 4.0.

The whole process started with the on-site briefing and gathering the relevant data and measures. The ensuing phase consisted of concrete design ideas and proposals developed in CAD, that were then coordinated with the board and the development team at nokra. The most important phase consisted of iterative application of the developed ideas, testing suiting materials and designing parts that will fit the system as a whole. From May, when the first briefing took place, till October when the leaflet presenting the final product was done our task was successfully completed. 


Günter Lauven, managing director of nokra Optische Prüftechnik und Automation GmbH sees the story of, and the part WILDDESIGN played in it as another success. The hands-on mentality and the direct and fast communication WILDDESIGN offers to its customers was what he recognized as most valuable in our work together. “A very direct and fast communication between WILDDESIGN and our engineers was one of the most important factors that helped with our tight schedule. With the help of intensive coordination and the detailed technical Know-How of WILDDESIGN it was possible for us to develop the best solutions and to apply them to achieve the optimal quality.” We, at WILDDESIGN are especially proud that we have managed to deliver what nokra expected without diverging from our plans, in the phase of construction and finalization, but also in the field of finances and costs that were planned for the development. In nokra we had a partner that offered great communication and team-work that lead to an incredibly fast development of a high-quality product. Günter Lauven had the pleasure to notice at glasstec 2018 that has made very positive impressions on the customers and consumers. We are proud to say we have worked in developing a high-quality and modern product such as this one, and that we have managed to do it in a very fast and effective manner.

Your contact partner

Sven Dörhage, Head of Munich Office

Together with nokra we have managed to enrich the market with, a measuring system that on the one hand answers the quality requirements of the high-end measuring technology in automobile industry, but also the ever-growing requirements of it. At the end of Oktober 2018, was presented at glasstec where it achieved a great success.


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