Fight against Colon Cancer – worldwide first single-use Endoscope

Endoscopes rank among the most efficient weapons in the fight against the common illness colon cancer. On behalf of invendo medical of Kissing, a globally leading developer and distributor of single-use-endoscopes in the gastroenterology, the WILDDESIGN team developed a design concept for a so far unique medical system.

invendo Endoscope-Controller

Colonoscopy – Opportunity or Risk?

Colon cancer ranks among the most frequent tumor illnesses of the western world – with rising tendency. Contrary to many other kinds of cancer, colon cancer is treatable as well as preventable and can be detected fast in its early stage by medical examinations. The enteroscopy or colonoscopy is one of the most effective methods when it comes to the detection and fight against colon cancer. Regular examinations can prevent this kind of cancer with almost absolute certainty, since polyps can be easily recognized and removed during the colonoscopy. Because colon cancer begins frequently with polyps at the inner wall of the intestine or rectum. And also stomach cancer can already be recognized in its early stage, where it's still treatable. A regular screening offers thus on one hand an efficient protection against colon cancer but on the other hand there's a bit  of danger to it.

invendo medical E200

Insufficient hygiene is a serious threat for patients

A regular screening offers on one side an efficient protection against colon cancer, but holds something dangerous on the other side. EA special challenge is the hygiene. Causally because of the fact that all previously available endoscopes on the market with a working channel have been reusable. They may be cleaned professionally after usage, however the structure of those reusable endoscopes is a huge problem. 

In particular multi-resistant germs represent a large challenge during the reprocessing, since those are only defeatable by means of sterilisation. This is impossible for endoscopes because of the heat sensitiveness. A study supplies proof for the problem in the American Journal of Infection Control, which accurately shows that even simple gastroscopes and colonoscopes are hard to be kept germ-free.

Sterile disposable colonoscope avoids cross contamination

In order to exclude this risk for patients, Invendo developed a so far unique system and assigned WILDDESIGN to conceive and construct the appropriate housing:  The Invendoscope E200 has an endoscope or colonoscope, which is meant to be used only once. It is sterilely supplied, therefore every patient receives his own device and doesn't have to be afraid of cross contamination. A complex cleaning and disinfection process for the endoscope are not necessary, since it should be disposed after using it once.

invendo medical Logo
Markus Fieber

Dr. Markus Fieber, Chief Operations Officer of Invendo Medical likes to look back to the intensive collaboration with WILDDESIGN: "Even though we faced many technological challenges and a tight schedule, the WILDDESIGN team helped us to create a well designed and ergonomic product, which receives attention as well as acknowledgment on the market. The fact that our innovative endoscope has been distinguished with the Frost & Sullivan Award makes us happy and confirms the value of our work." 

Marc Ruta, COO of WILDDESIGN, supplemented: "The work on this housing concept was very demanding, since the creative freedom of this formal aesthetic design appeared to be restricted at first. Thanks to the extraordinarily good partnership cooperation with Invendo engineers and their competent support of the team of BVS sheet metal, we managed to develop a highly functional housing with outstanding equipment design, which perfectly reflects the highly technological development level of Invendo."

Marc Ruta


Project lead: Marc Ruta, Markus Wild

Product Design: Felix Pott, Thomas Galletley, Stephanie Krinke and Felix Wilden

invendo medical - charging station
Charging station
invendo medical - Cleaning kit
Cleaning kit
invendo medical - bottle holder
Bottle holder

What was WILDDESIGNs part?

  • Overall Device conception
  • Design concept
  • Design development
  • Mechanical engineering of housing

Ergonomic design for tireless work

Besides a sterile colonoscope for one use only, the Invendoscope E200 also contains a reusable supply unit, as well as a control unit and hand control. The invendo Endoscope-Controller can alternatively attach or detach the supply unit and controller unit. The goal of design and development for those two components was to enable simple and relaxed work. Which is why during the development of the invendo Endoscope-Controller , an ergonomic design and a simple handling was the most important. To enable easy access and make sure that it's ready for action at any time, WILDDESIGN developed a charging station, into which three hand pieces can be put in and out directly. Wall-mounted as well as during its updated version, it combines two opposed requirements at once: the easy accessibility of the invendo Endoscope-Controller with simultaneous protection by a translucent cover.

The largest challenge for the designers during the development of the E200 was to consider the high requirements of housing functionality:

  • Maximum accessibility of the internal components for maintenance with full functionality: 4 of 6 housing surfaces can be unfold or detached.
  • High stability: the heavy pumps on the inside must be carried by the housing construction. The total weight of the equipment of approximately 40 Kg must be able to be carried by means of the two grasps at the detachable side parts.
  • The separate and under the mainframe placed power pack must be carried by the mainframe.
  • Optimal cleaning ability by wipe disinfection.
  • A small number of items planned for the first 3 years.

Maximum sterility because of metal housings

It became possibly, the highly functional housing concept in pure metal construction, which was developed in cooperation with BVS sheet metal technology and due to their extraordinarily precise processing technology. Respective to the Invendo philosophy of maximum sterility, a germ-reducing powder coating for the housing has been developed.

The design of the E200 is considerably characterized because of its clear arrangement into three areas: The upper component with the actual functional module and under it placed power pack for current supply arranges the system on horizontal level and ensures the functional separation of the electrically different system parts. The anthracite colored part, which looks very differnt from the vertical level, contains all user interfaces for the diagnostic process and represents thus the optical and functional center of the system. 

Schnelles Prototyping half dabei, die enge Zeitschiene zu halten.
Fast prototyping helped meeting the timelines.
prototyping - cleaning kit


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