Communication materials design for a high-level science symposium.

Institut Pasteur of Shanghai


Institut Pasteur of Shanghai - Chinese Academy of Sciences (IPS-CAS) is a research institution established with the joint efforts by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Municipality and Institut Pasteur of France to address public health issues in China and the Asian region. IPS-CAS aims to become a world class center for research and education in areas of major infectious diseases.. 

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Chinese and French diplomatic relations and its own 10th anniversary, IPS-CAS holds a high-level symposium on "Research on Infectious Diseases in a Globalized World", highlighting the state of current research on infectious diseases. WILDDESIGN was asked to enhance the overall image of the event, as well as design and produce communication materials for this symposium.


Our design solution employs a streamlined process from design concept generation, finalization, to final production and quality control.

Design concepts were developed around the symposium’s theme; with dynamic connected lines and circles representing both the connected world and the form and structure of bacteria. Blue was chosen as the main color theme to resonate with IPS-CAS’ logo and identity.

Upon finalizing design, WILDDESIGN used its supplier network for print production.


Final deliverables include a package of event program brochures, commemorative brochures, and badges for 200+ guests from Asia and Europe; roll-up posters and a banner to use at event venue. Both design and deliverables received positive feedback from IPS-CAS and event attendees.

Project Outcomes

  • Graphic Design
  • Print Production
  • Quality Control
IPS Badge
IPS Brochure
Final printed materials for IPS
Roll up poster for IPS
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