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Hero21 - Cleanest German Engineering
Hero21 - Cleanest German Engineering

The ICA Group, a technology company based in Dortmund and a long-standing customer of WILDDESIGN, approached us at the beginning of the Corona pandemic with a product idea which is rather unusual for ICA's standard portfolio.

With the outbreak of the Covid pandemic in early 2020, the medical industry faced a whole new set of challenges. In particular, hygiene was a top priority in hospitals and other medical facilities. In addition to conventional disinfection methods, an innovative method was needed.

A pioneering disinfection technique.

The solution is HERO21, the first UVC disinfection robot. HERO, an acronym for the "Health Robot" of the 21st century. Within minutes, it disinfects patient rooms, treatment rooms, hallways and operating rooms. By using ultraviolet light, it destroys germs and viruses reliably, including the COVID virus. The HERO combines state-of-the-art UV technology and a market-tested robotic base with contemporary design, speed and ease of operation. The autonomous robot makes it possible to clean contaminated rooms without staff having to enter them. With the help of an app, it can be controlled via tablet. An innovative solution for more safety and protection in everyday hospital life, compliant with standards and scientifically substantiated.

Let there be light...

No chemistry needed, just turn on the light. The ultraviolet light column disinfects coronaviruses and even MRSA viruses at 99.99 percent. With the autonomous robot, there is no risk of an incorrect application, which could even promote germ formation or resistance in some cases. This can easily happen with conventional disinfectants. Unlike comparable upright units, the HERO21 avoids obstacles in the room and reaches the entire room with its 360-degree coverage.

ICA Group


"Together with WILDDESIGN, we were able to complete a product in record time which is able to save lives." Heinz Sander (CEO ICA)

What was the WILDDESIGN part?

  • Design vision
  • Design conception
  • Detail design
Niclas Wagner

Your contact person

Niclas Wagner, Head of Munich Office

ICA Health - Hero21
reddot award

Ready, steady, go! In a design sprint to the product.

Together with WILDDESIGN, a design draft was created in record time at the beginning of the Covid crisis. It took only one month from the initial idea to the finished design. Based on the preliminary work in the field of UVC technology, WILDDESIGN mainly took over the design of the coverings and the communication units. We finished the design process in only three weeks. Among other things, a very decisive and competent project management was of prime importance and the long-standing customer relationship brought dynamics and speed into the process. The agility of the teams significantly accelerated the conception of the design.

It is great that the quality of the work was also recognized by the international jury at the Red Dot Design Award 2022 and that the HERO 21 was awarded the Red Dot 2022.

However, the company is not stopping with its quick response to COVID-19 in the hygiene sector. ICA plans to push the development further and already has other application possibilities in the pipeline, such as mobile units for use in ambulances and entryways in semi-public areas with high turnover of people. These are exciting new scenarios and we are looking forward to continuing the work together on the further development of the HERO21. 


First considerations for disinfection solutions in public transport at ICA

Design sprint: in about three weeks, the design for the covering and sensor was finished

Pilot operation with the HERO21 at the university hospital in Bochum, Germany

ICA makes it into the final selection for the FOCUS Innovation Award

Sales launch

Red Dot Design Award

Hero21 - Cleanest German Engineering


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