Symmetry and contrast.

The cooperation between WILDDESIGN and Haver & Boecker resulted in the request for a redesign for HAVER CPA 2-1.

Particle analysis in a new guise. HAVER CPA 2-1
Particle analysis in a new guise. HAVER CPA 2-1

Similar to the medical technology sector, purchasing decisions in the field of complex laboratory equipment are increasingly based on parameters such as an attractive design, simple operation, and controllable processes.

WILDDESIGN has made it its business to meet these requirements in product design and to develop a contemporary appearance for already established systems.

Dynamic, digital and detailed

Compared to conventional sieve analysis, Haver & Boecker's dynamic image analysis goes one step further. In addition to particle size analysis, it can also determine the particle shape and count them at the same time, since EVERY particle in a sample quantity is also measured. Thus, CPA (Computerized Particle Analysis) sets new standards in particle analysis of free-flowing, dry bulk materials such as silica sand, fertilizers, plastic granules and many more.

Powerful, dynamic, precise, simple – form follows product promise.

The device’s topology is based on the previous generation of devices. The newly designed casing conveys a contemporary impression by borrowing corporate design elements from future devices. Thanks to a restrained geometric design, given technical elements such as the funnel do not appear disruptive or additive but integrated.

Partikelanalyse HAVER CPA-2-1

The materials also contribute to the new look. We used two different materials and changed a simple metal casing to a composite of sheet metal and plastic. Necessary adjustments due to new technical requirements which emerged during the design process could be easily integrated thanks to the simple and concise form. 

Haver & Boecker

Testimonial Haver Boecker CPA

Frank General
Frank General
Head of BU Particle Analysis

Inspired by a previous collaboration with WILDDESIGN, we decided very quickly to call on the support of external designers for the further development of the HAVER CPA 2-1 as well.

A contemporary form for a high-quality, established technology.

This was the formulated claim for the project.

A dynamic project developed, in which we were truly impressed by the WILDDESIGN team's professional handling of the tight time and technical constraints. The proactive communication of challenging tasks and the resulting efficient cooperation with our developers led to well-coordinated solutions in a short time.

I would describe the cooperation with WILDDESIGN’s team as competent, safe and fast and we are looking forward to support in further projects.

Niclas Wagner, Sven Dörhage 

Niclas Wagner

Your contact

Niclas Wagner, Office Manager Munich

Partikelanalyse Haver CPA 2-1 Rendering
Product rendering design vision

Design process in fast mode

Due to the goal-oriented and constructive collaboration, the design was put into practice in a short period of time. Desire and (design) vision of the final product were almost congruent and so it took only three months to a feasible product.

HAVER CPA 2-1 is a good example of a product development that was characterized by mutual understanding and decisiveness.

The result is a convincing product that lives up to Haver & Boecker’s brand promise and clearly points to the future.

When the product renderings of the design vision are almost indistinguishable from the photo, everything has actually been said.

Partikelanalyse HAVER CPA-2-1
Product photo


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