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Case Study about the long-term cooperation with the traditional brand Fissler in the Chinese market.

Key visual for a new market segment
Key visual for a new market segment

Intercultural Branding



A well-known cookware brand in the EU, Fissler’s China subsidiary faced the challenge pleasing Chinese customers without losing their German brand identity. Being a mid to high segment brand in Germany and Europe, Fissler’s price levels in China were higher and therefore graded as luxury goods. Fissler China’s pots were purchased as lifestyle products, and therefore needed to be branded accordingly.


As a start, WILDDESIGN created a new key visual campaign, comparing the Fissler products to natural elements like hot lava, sharp sand dunes and powerful geysers, making the products more iconic and premium. This was the beginning of a four-year 360 degree design retainer. WILDDESIGN acted as Fissler China’s external art director and oversaw all marketing and communication material, assuring consistent brand identity. Below are a few of our highlights from our Fissler projects.

Packaging design

Several versions of packaging design were developed for local Chinese products, like chopsticks, as well as various gift boxes, a popular item for premium products in China. Chinese customers also asked for a finer version of Fissler’s original red and white box to better represent its value. The result, our black and silver “Premium Pack".


With 130+ retail stores in China, Fissler asked WILDDESIGN to develop a new retail experience that would enhance brand value and visual consistency. After several months of on-site design research, WILDDESIGN developed a modular in-store furniture concept in line with Fissler’s global brand identity. The 360 degree design service covered not only the concept development but assured that the right suppliers were chosen, lending quality control to the final units.

Exhibition design

In addition to the retail design, we also did several exhibition designs for Fissler. These have included the “Diamond Pot” booth at the Millionaire’s Fair in Beijing, putting a wickedly expensive pot on a center obelisk guarded by models dressed as security guards, and an exhibition design for the German living fair in Shanghai, inspired by the German pavilion at the Shanghai EXPO 2010, where Fissler China was one of the main sponsors.

Photo art direction

Adapting Fissler’s key visuals was one step in the brand localization. To better represent Fissler’s China brand identity, all generic photo material was reshot. Together with a Shanghai-based photo studio, new photography of all products for the Chinese market was completed, with a more dramatic and detailed focus angel defined by dark backgrounds and high definition focus that accentuated the high quality and finish of Fissler’s products.

Communication material

Our 360 degree design approach assures consistency across all communication touch points. WILDDESIGN worked intensely with Fissler’s in-house team to transform the German Corporate Identity Manual into an easy-to-use event material style guide, defining the graphic design layout of folders, flyers, catalogues etc.


Our successful perennial cooperation with Fissler has not only supported their growths in market shares, but has also helped foster an in-house awareness of how to retain the German brand heritage and brand identity while pleasing the new Chinese customer base.

Project Outcomes

  • 360 Degree Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Retail Space Design
  • Photo Art Directions
  • Communication Material
Local packaging design
Local packaging design
Retail shop design
Retail shop design
quality control
Retail shop execution & quality control
premium packaging
The premium packaging
Exhibition design activities
Exhibition design activities
German Living exhibition design
The German living fair, exhibition design

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