Pure Protein DNA Conjugates – Design Development for a Protein Cleaner

Point of care context as the design maximum

Dynamic Biosensors is dedicated to the smart biophysical analysis of organic matter at the molecular level. The patented switchSENSE® method enables high-precision real-time analysis of biomolecules in the nanometer range. A partnership was formed with WILDDESIGN who further developed the existing device and incorporated a defined corporate design into peripheral devices such as the protein cleaner, in order to create a coherent product family.

The initial stages of collaboration with WILDDESIGN involved the development of a protein cleaner with a distinct appearance based on two existing OEM modules – with consideration for future developments.

The usability needed to be simplified and the process made faster through simple and low risk operations on the hard- and software.

We concentrated on the design of the “face” of the protein cleaner. The key interactions for the operation of the device take place on the front. The aim was to develop a housing concept which combines two predefined housings, creating a new, distinct appearance and perception of the product. The design needed to fit the technological conditions for small-series production which will amount to approx. 20 devices in the first batch.

Dynamic Biosensors details

1,2 or 3 – The design process revealed 3 different solution approaches

In close coordination with the Dynamic Biosensors team, the limiting technical parameters were quickly defined and integrated into the design. This resulted in 3 favoured concepts which differed primarily in combinations of material and number of parts.

Since the DRX is already an established Dynamic Biosensor product on the market, its defining features were included in the development of proFIRE®.

These elements enable a good starting point for an overall corporate design which can be followed for future design developments.

A high-contrast, black and white design forms the basis of the Dynamic Biosensors user interface and sets it apart from other existing OEM technologies. The large and concise glass surface of the existing DRX analyser also influenced the design of the proFIRE®. Its impact on the material selection process helped to establish an overall impression of high-quality.

The use of magnetic fasteners makes it easier during the regular replacement of the sample holders and aids the process of mounting the entire front during servicing.

The proFIRE® is operated via a tablet which is simply docked onto the device and can be removed just as easily. The upper bottle tray has as an interlocking element which can be removed without tools if necessary.

Dynamic Biosensors


Dr. Ralf Strasser
Dr. Ralf Strasser
Head of Biochemistry / Dynamic Biosensors

The decision to take on WILDDESIGN as a partner for the strategic product development resulted in the compelling realization of the proFIRE®.

The commitment and profound know-how of the WILDDESIGN team quickly showed the ways in which the highest design quality can also be achieved in small quantities.

Short distances, good communication with our internal development and a strong network of partners for the implementation produced a purifier which is unique on the market in terms of usability and aesthetic impact.

The proFIRE® is a very good starting point for further developments of Dynamic Biosensors and an intensive collaboration with WILDDESIGN. A perfect basis for establishing a new product language for Dynamic Biosensors.

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Sven Dörhage, Head of Munich Office


  • Analysis phase
  • Design concept
  • Design development
  • Design prototype
Dynamic Biosensors proFire®
Dynamic Biosensors proFire®
Dynamic Biosensors proFire®

Clean contouring, a high-contrast colour scheme and smooth surfaces help to fulfil the requirement for intuitive and error-free operation alongside good service and easy cleaning.

Compact, fast, simple. The result speaks for itself.

The proFIRE® is a successful starting point for the overall development of a corporate design for Dynamic Biosensor products. The teams from Dynamic Biosensors and WILDDESIGN worked together very effectively through a very concise development process and avoided major frictional losses on its implementation. From October 2018, a highly efficient and easy-to-use protein cleaner will be available on the market.

Dynamic Biosensors proFire®


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