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NY cab inspired visual identity
NY cab inspired visual identity

dr. oetker


Introducing the world of frozen pizza to Chinese consumers is the mission of our German client, Dr. Oetker. Approaching both the professional B2B market and end consumers through retail distribution, 2012 involved big marketing activities. WILDDESIGN was asked to create exhibition design for Dr. Oetker pizza at Shanghai’s largest food fairs. These would ensure the newcomer ending up in the spotlight, by emphasizing the benefits of this new food category and its high quality ingredients.


Inspired from the different product lines, WILDDESIGN’s first exhibition design for Dr. Oetker debuted in December 2011. Designed as a local Italian pizzeria, with red and white checked tablecloths and brick wall style wallpaper, the booth gave off a warm and welcoming atmosphere, inviting people to relax for a while during their hectic exhibition visit, and experience the great taste of Dr. Oetker’s pizzas, which were prepared in the booth.

In April 2012, our second exhibition design had even bigger competition and therefore brand visibility via spotlight was the crucial focus. This time New York and its American pizza was our theme inspiration for the graphic design and visual identity, and we based our artwork on NYC’s iconic yellow cabs. 


The exhibition design for the booth provided space for discussion and relaxation, as well as preparation and cooking areas, allowing Dr. Oetker to demonstrate the culinary ease of microwave pizza. Both the Italian family style interior and the modern American theme made the booths stand out in an ocean of abstract designs.

Project Outcomes

  • Exhibition Booth (B2B)
  • Exhibition Booth (B2C)
  • Poster Design
Exhibition design for B2B
Exhibition design for B2C
Exhibition design for B2C
Cozy environment with red&white tablecloth
Cozy environment with red&white tablecloth
Designing space for discussion
Designing space for discussion
Graphic design for posters
Graphic design for posters


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