Cormay | Dynamic high-contrast design for laboratory analytics

A fully automatic laboratory analysis system for in-vitro diagnostics, which stands out from the competition not only functionally but also optically - for this task the Cormay Group from Poland brought the WILDDESIGN team on board. Its dynamic design concept reflects the high pace of the Equisse 400's work. In addition, the high-contrast design with its clear, straightforward design facilitates the user's ability to find his way around and quickly identify the work areas that are relevant to him.

The Equisse 400 is a fully automatic laboratory analysis system for in vitro diagnostics. With its unique features - such as continuous sample loading or pre-launch validation - Equisse stands out from other comparable products. With a new design, the originally extremely large device was supposed to be less bulky and at the same time reveals the high performance of the Equisse. The WILDDESIGN team therefore opted for a form that is reminiscent of a yacht with its flowing lines. All lines are parallel to each other at a 45-degree angle to each other, which gives the device not only dynamics, but also an ordered structure.

Duration of the project

2014 / 2015

Team members

WILD-Team: Markus Poßegger, Alexander Böhm, Wolfgang Wagner, Stefan Plasonig

WILDDESIGN Team: Marc Ruta (Project Lead), Tim Meier (Product Design) und Björn Pein (GUI)

Equisse Sketch

Colors separate user and process areas

The user also gets orientation through the high-contrast design: user and process areas have been separated, thus ensuring safer, easier operation and efficient work. All surfaces that are relevant to the user are in black and have a smooth, easily wipeable surface. The white housing parts contain the technical components and the internal sample transport system. A camera system handles the identification of sample containers and helps to avoid confusion. The case contour is interrupted by a gray base, which makes the device appear flatter and lighter. In addition, the gap between base and device provides space for a concealed cooling system.

Graphic illustrations in the GUI facilitate overview and orientation

The evaluations of the laboratory results can be read on a monitor whose GUI was also developed by WILDDESIGN. Graphical illustrations make it easier for the user to orient himself - for example, through a top view of the sample wheel or a representation of the overall device in which the relevant areas are highlighted. In terms of a holistic design, the concise 45-degree bevels can also be found in the control bar of the GUI.

  • Cormay Equisse 400 GUI

  • Cormay Equisse 400 GUI

  • Cormay Equisse 400 GUI

Excellent cooperation: Equisse sets new standards

The Equisse 400 is the result of a first-time collaboration between WILDDESIGN and the WILD Group from Austria ( While WILDDESIGN developed the housing design, the employees of the WILD Group dealt with the mechanics and their design. The fact that the two companies have made an innovative leap forward together with Cormay is also confirmed by the awards given by the 2014 Carinthian Innovation and Research Prize and the Austrian State Prize 2015. The jury is convinced that Equisse sets new standards in comparison with standard equipment, due to its ease of use, comfort and speed sets.

About the client:

The Polish-Swiss Cormay Orphee Group develops and produces high quality diagnostic reagents and advanced laboratory equipment. The clinical chemistry portfolio includes a range of routine and advanced immunochemical tests that are essential for the accurate diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients. For the haematology lab, the Group offers innovative technology for popular 3-Diff and advanced 5-Diff systems supported by Swiss analyzers. The companies of the Group also provide dedicated clinical chemistry and haematology reagent lines for different analyzers, urine analyzers with strips, parasitology instruments, coagulation reagents and blood collection system to meet all the needs of practitioners in the laboratory.

The Cormay Orphee Group markets its products around the world - in countries such as Poland, Russia, Switzerland, China, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Panama, Argentina and many others.


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