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The company Hammann has developed an innovative cleaning process that uses water and air pulses to clean pipes mechanically: comprex. This saves a lot of water and does not require chemicals.

With this technology, Hammann is a pioneer in sustainable cleaning, with great growth opportunities in other markets as well. With more than 25 years of experience from municipal applications, the company identified a wide field of applications from industrial to medical.

Comprex Magazin

Hammann is repositioning itself with the innovative comprex process. To this end, we worked together to develop a professional brand identity that lives up to the quality and potential of the process. With a view to the company's products, we took a holistic approach to brand development across all divisions. Based on a comprehensive brand strategy, the brand identity and brand design were developed step by step, forming the basis for further success.

Hammann becomes comprex

During the overall examination, the internal and external brand image was studied and compared with the target group and competitors.

Accordingly, Hammann is primarily known for its patented comprex process and is understood and promoted on the market via this process. In order to be able to market comprex® across all industries in the future, it was important to create and sharpen a consistent brand identity.

Comprex Web

During the methodical research, we matched the characteristics of the company with the characteristics of the procedure. The powerful cleaning with water and air as well as the self-confident and competent company had to be reconciled. This consideration led to the realization that the comprex process will also lay the foundation for future growth. Therefore, Hammann GmbH becomes comprex GmbH in 2023.

comprex medical
Hans-Gerd Hammann
Hans-Gerd Hammann, CEO

Inspired by the experience in the development of Endoprime and the positive energy in the cooperation of our team and the development team at WILDDESIGN around Alexander Abele, we started to rethink the Hammann brand (

From our name to the process. comprex.

Thanks to the successful branding process at comprex Medical, we were ideally placed to use this solution as a basis for the fields of activity classically handled by Hammann and to transfer a number of elements.

In this case, too, the very close cooperation, characterized by good empathy and confident, realistic thinking, was a stroke of luck for our development process. The entire corporate design has contributed enormously to strengthening internal self-confidence and identification with Hammann/ comprex.

We are already looking forward to working together in exciting areas that are currently developing for our technology.


Alexander Abele, Sven Dörhage

Niclas Wagner

Your contact person

Niclas Wagner, Office Manager Munich

Read more about the cooperation with Hammann/ comprex in our case study on comprex Medical.

A strong core, or: What makes Hammann stand out?

The summary of the target group and market analysis is simple:

All of the competitors clean pipe systems with their various cleaning processes. Thus, we have chosen a new approach that highlights Hammann's special features.

The pipe is not just clean - it is cleaned efficiently, gently and sustainably. In this way, the process ensures quality and cost-effectiveness for the customer.

Banner Industrie

The versatile and flexible application inspires with convincing and measurable top cleaning results, as well as on the cost-benefit side. The brand message was supposed to combine the innovative process with the promise of the best possible cleaning.

This is what the new slogan stands for: Impulses that convince.

The task is also to optimize the most efficient and powerful process for pipe cleaning.

The simplicity of comprex will make the customer use the cleaning process more often. The mission and vision should unite exactly these internal and external goals with the potential for the future.

Mission: We perceive it as our task to establish the potential of comprex® technology in all areas in order to ensure the hygiene, quality and profitability of our customers.

Vision: With our impulses, we set new standards across all industries and thus secure the function of the veins of our modern society.

Power, water, air

The visual appearance illustrates the efficient use of water and air.

Powerful and self-confident.

The round, symmetrical font of the logo is reminiscent of the piping systems, the arrows visualize the impulses. They literally dissolve the X, just as water and air dissolve the contaminations in the pipes. The font is modern, technical and simple.


The signifier clarifies the company's values along with the characteristics of comprex and provides a concise and recurring brand presence. The dynamic graphic with white and blue hues reflects the powerful removal of debris with the innovative impulses of the company. 

Mission accomplished: An overarching identity as a strong brand foundation.

In a market with many cleaning providers, it is important to emphasize comprex's distinctiveness and ensure a concise and professional appearance.

The new corporate design precisely achieves this recognition and a uniform appearance in a cross-industry environment. The new comprex identity clearly demonstrates how the procedure works with videos, illustrations and images.


Based on a holistic vision of brand development, every department and every employee of the company can help shape its development. It is important that everyone involved can identify with the new brand in order to live the vision together.

We are proud to be a part of this development.

Was war der WILDDESIGN Part?

Corporate Identity

  • Brand strategy defined
  • Brand essence sharpened
  • Brand values developed

Corporate Design

  • Logo
  • Signifier
  • Visuals and video style
  • Website
  • Trade show appearance
  • Print media

Portfolio Design

  • Strategic hardware development
  • Customer support for product development


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