Case study about the intensive cooperation with Celsius42 GmbH, a not very young company, which rekindled its start-up feeling within a few months.

Celsius 42 and its noble cause

Battling cancer requires many efforts on diverse levels in the medical field. Even the incremental steps are of utmost importance. The hyperthermia – heat inducing treatment of tumor cells - is a great advancement with a potential to change and significantly improve the ways in which we approach one of the deadliest killers today. The hyperthermia-based-theraphy CELSIUS TCS is a creation of our partners Bytec Medizintechnik GmbH and we are proud to have worked on its development for over 12 years. The abbreviation TCS stands for “Tumor Cell Solution” and the people working at Celsius42 have a clear goal - to finally beat the cancer together with the patients.

The product was designed in 2005/2006 and is based on a simple, but effective method of manipulating bodily temperature to complement and amplify effects of chemo- and radiation therapy. The principle is called hyperthermia. In modern medicine 1970ies where the benchmark when the research field started to increasingly grow. Hyperthermia is from then on widely recognized as a beneficial complimentary cancer treatment technique.

How does CELSIUS TCS works?

The Tumor Cell Solution draws on the serious body of work that has proven, both theoretically and practically, that by inducing heat and stimulating the blood circulation and oxygenation of the tumor cells cytotoxic agents are absorbed more easily without negatively affecting the healthy tissue around the area. Additionally, by sensitizing the tumor cells via heat they become more receptive to radiation.

The method of inducing artificial fever through hypothermia is in medical use for quite some time now. However, the noticed drawback of previous methods using the same principle was that usually heat was induced via whole beds equally spreading throughout the whole body. The method was proved to be strenuous and unpleasant for the patients. The experts at Celsius42 found a way to combat this problem and have produced a High-Tech product working on a principle of localized heat induction. The two non-invasive electrodes raise the temperature exclusively in the tumor region.

Most importantly The Tumor Cell Solution works in tune with the body`s natural intelligence by raising the immune system response, which in turn hinders the further spreading of cancer but also improves the overall health.

Celsius 42 Logo
Christian Hartmann
Christian Hartmann/CEO Celsius42

The achievements and the future

We are happy to have helped in improving the corporate identity which conditioned better and greater awareness of Celsius42 that it always deserved. The overall newly remodeled corporate design has helped in heightening the self-confidence and identity that Celsius42 now reflects.

However, we are not stopping there. Christian Hartmann, together with us, is rightfully convinced in the benefits of TCS and wants to make it internationally visible. The first steps have been undertaken. For example, the hyperthermia handbook detailing the benefits of the method is translated in English and Korean.

In addition, Christian Hartmann is looking into launching the business hubs in Korea and Middle East where he believes the TCS will have great successes. 

Oliver Koszel


Oliver Koszel, Creative Director

What was our role?

The new CEO Christian Hartmann reached out to us after we have designed the product 12 years ago. He needed help rebranding it after it stood on the market undeservedly unnoticed. As we were convinced in the potential of the product we have helped Celsius42 relaunch its brand in only a couple of months. Starting at the end of 2017 Oliver Koszel and his team, together with Christian Hartmann set out to relaunch the enhanced and more handsome version of Celsius42.

To reach the visibility the product is supposed to achieve on the market, we have designed the new logo, letterhead, corporate design, leaflets, the webpage, tradeshow booth and the accompanying GUI. The goal was to create a modern, coherent and most importantly recognizable brand to facilitate the communication with both patients and medical experts who were the target group. However, we wanted to communicate emotions and potential rather than focus on the technicalities of the product itself.


One of our most important goals is to communicate the importance of the product with a wide number of people working in the medical field. We have, therefore, created a fair boot equipped with promo-material. The whole booth and accompanying material follow the design and the color scheme of the product.

The modernized and comfortably designed booth was set up at the Medica Tradeshow in Düsseldorf where it gained a considerable amount of attention. We will do the same in 2019.

We have, additionally, created RollUp Displays and counters - all fitting to the newly established corporate identity. They were all presented at different conferences that did not allow for bigger booths.

The new CELSIUS42 Webpage

The target group we had in mind when developing the Webpage, were patients searching for different cancer treatment methods, alongside medical professionals. The page was previously targeting medical experts exclusively. Our goal was to create a transparent and lucid page that presented both the benefits of hyperthermia itself and TCS and is understandable for people who are not medical experts, but potential patients.

The whole design revolves around the already established color-scheme fitting to the visual identity of the product. We wanted to allow for the visitors not to feel fear or be overwhelmed while inhabiting the virtual space of TCS. The visitors should feel safe, all the while still thoroughly informing themselves about the benefits of the technique of localized artificial fever the TCS is inducing.

The overall presence and visibility of Celsius42 is greatly improving, with the product already establishing a sort of fan base on social media sites such as Facebook. The Webpage, naturally, plays a very important role in building the trust around TCS and Celisus42.


In designing the fitting GUI we have focused on making it as fool-proof and intelligible as possible. Our focus was the creation of an enhanced Icon-Family. We have, therefore, adjusted all the button sizes and icon sizes to thoroughly fit the user needs when handling the machine.

Additionally, the aesthetic and style of it were an integral part in our designing process. Every single page was made to fit one another. The whole styleguide corresponds to the color scheme of the corporate identity we have designed.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Our task was to improve the previously keyboard and mouse operated GUI into a modern one featuring a touchscreen.

The GUI that comes with the TCS is separate from the machine itself. The system is centrally operated and contains a software that is storing data in a completely safe manner. Together with the programmers from Celsius42 we have designed the software to store all the patient`s data and their previous medical history at one place. This makes it significantly easier for the doctor to make therapy decisions based on the individual`s needs.

Our job was focused on testing GUI`s functionality and improving it. We have detected the parts in which the operation was not intuitive enough and by focusing on them we have improved the general usability. Our team analyzed and revised the operating concept so that it meets the highest quality standards. The system uses an easy-to-follow flowchart method.

  • Celsius 42 GUI

  • Celsius 42 GUI

  • Celsius 42 GUI

  • Celsius 42 GUI

  • Celsius 42 GUI


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