Understanding Lifestyles and cultures _

Europe and Asia are converging. This brings both opportunities and risks. The era of the brand export is coming to a close. How do you adjust your premium brand in the local market? You can’t do it from a distance. We’re local and understand both you and the market.

_ global brand values need localization_ and profs on site for the translation
_ global brand values need localization
_ and profs on site for the translation

Intercultural Branding

Close to the market and to the people of China

The Shanghai WILDDESIGN office specializes in brand localization for the Chinese market and beyond. We provide specialized services to fit your needs and create multicultural marketing strategies and product design that can be understood by people all over the world. Intercultural branding connects you to your local and international market, today and tomorrow.

German design and the access to the quality markets in Europe

The WILDDESIGN office in Gelsenkirchen and the other locations in Europe focus on the success in the German and major European markets. Based on the high technology and quality standards in Germany, we help companies from abroad to face this challenge step by step, to approach the level of quality and to place their products in upscale and premium market segments.

Intercultural branding and german design play a major role, as the purchasers and consumers in Europe could only be addressed with superior quality and a familiar communication. It's a long way to compete in Europe, but it is worth the long term and on a global scale.

Markus Wild

Your contact partner:
Markus Wild / Design Consultant
+49 209 702 642 00 

Case Studies

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In many cases initial experience with the "foreign" market already exists and the defined goal is to get closer to the needs of the customers. We conceptualize this improvement and make suggestions on how the brand appearance is to be changed.

Brand Name Adaptation

In countries such as China, adapting a name is the first and most important step. The translation of the name can be done phonetically and/or symbolically. We start from the existing brand equity and transfer this in the best possible way into the new culture.

Market Screening

What does the market look like currently? What distribution channels exist? Which brands are successful? By asking these questions, we provide an overview of the market from a customer perspective.

Marketing Plan

From the results of brand adaptation and the insights from the market screening, we create a comprehensive marketing plan for optimizing the launch of the product in the new market.


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