Focused and consistent communication _

Corporate communications includes planning, management and implementation of communication activities in the company. Design, media development and policy
definition are included in this area.

_ is in the tiniest detail
_ is in the tiniest detail

Corporate Communications

the corporate Language

Important for consistent corporate communication activities is a common strategy in order send a unified message to various customers in various languages. If the company gives different statements to different target groups it simply appears implausible. A unified corporate image can not be built.

All communication activities have to be designed company-specific and should be characterized by the same features. Through a unique, distinctive communication strategy, certain messages instantly identify and assign to the respective companies.

In this way, corporate communications help to achieve your desired objectives in line with the corporate strategy. It is not necessary to hold  all CC areas (internal communication, advertising, public relations, sales promotion, sponsorship) centralized in one hand. IT is more important that all measures are aligned and coordinated to one and the same mission statement.

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Case Studies

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Communication Plan

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, we develop a plan for the corporate communication. It contains target groups, media and action-proposals, and a rough plan of implementation.

Media Development

The development of individual media in digital or print versions is done according to your specific marketing objectives and is in line with your brand design. Catalogs, presentations, flyers and advertisements form a consistent picture.

Corporate Design Manual

The CDM is the centerpiece of the design work of your organization. In this manual, design appearance is defined and can be rapidly consulted by all employees. For intercultural branding, there is a special form of global CDM.

Packaging Design

TOUCH POINT NO. 1 - The packaging is the most important point of contact with your brand. Brand values come to life here. We work in the areas of healthcare and consumers, but also in safely storing and transporting sensitive goods. In the design, we pay particular attention to ease of handling, aesthetic appeal and professional implementation.

Brand Book

The brand book defines all the elements and aspects of your brand and gives it its inner and extended outer circle in both print and digital products. This is where you can get to know the brand and relate to its spirit.


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