Convergence of all the Actions _

Creative services have a tendency to cross boundaries and to defy the conventional, which is also a good thing. However, individual actions must still remain compatible. That is just what we do in design management.

_ design doesn't happen by chance
_ design doesn't happen by chance


From Brand to DESiGN

In companies with strong marketing, the brand category is a primary consideration. The individual products have a collective existence within the portfolio as a whole. It is our job here to consistently bring the brand values into the design development, in particular through carefully prepared briefings.

From Design to Brand

In many product-oriented companies, the brand is what is added to a product at the end. The key is to make the value of a strong brand clear with a clear identification of potential. We build here a bridge here between brand and style using design manuals and so-called Design DNA.

Global Design Management

Many companies hit their limits here. On a global scale making a corporate design manual is not enough to establish a consistent appearance. Local developments should be used and agreed on, not only to reduce costs but also to engage the stakeholders in remote branches in a process of cooperation. The goal is not strict uniformity on a global scale, but the conscious definition of freedom for locally-inspired creativity. Global design management is more of a network of collaboration, than a one-way chain of command.

Your contact partner:
Marc Ruta / Head of Design Development
+49 209 702 642 00 

relevant services

Teambuilding / Kick-off Meeting

Involvement in the project of the competencies necessary for the development. Analysis of the current development team 
 - definition of the competencies 
 - proposal of appropriate team partners and organization kick-off meeting.

Design Brief

Without an accurate target definition, no good results can be obtained. Based on our proven briefing checklists, we develop together the optimal design brief for you that offers enough creative space and inspiration in the desired target area.

Design DNA

The design DNA is the genetic material of the brand, which is passed from generation to generation. We collect this for you and define design guidelines with principles and rules for a uniform design language.

Design Management Consulting

Sustainable consistency in brand and design is an ongoing challenge and requires not only expert advice, but also powerful platforms for cooperation. We show you how to get this work under control.


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