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1. 24 Design Factors  
THE 24 DESIGN FACTORS Put together the 24 design factors provide a framework in which all design projects unfold, even yours! Broken down into the groups PRODUCT, BRAND and REALISATION these 24…  
2. 0416 Manufacturability  
Manufacturability #0416 64 Design criteria • Functional criteria Design for manufacturability (sometimes also known as Design for Manufacturing) - (DFM) refers to the design of products in such a…  
3. Movie page of the Design agency WILDDESIGN  
WILD LIFE – Our design agency in four 30 second clips _ Design not only brings our clients into motion, but design is the dynamic factor in our working life’s and that is what we want to…  
4. 0417 Cleanability  
Cleanability #0417 64 Design criteria • Functional criteria In addition to maintenance and hygiene aspects, cleanability also includes safety and aesthetic aspects. In medical technology, this…  
5. 0418 Modularity  
Modularity #0418 64 Design criteria • Functional criteria Modularity is a design principle that is designed to simplify the structure and to provide standardized connection options for individual…  
6. 0419 Stability  
Stability #0419 64 Design criteria • Functional criteria Stability describes the ability of a body or device to maintain a given position, property or performance over a given period of time.…  
7. 0420 Lightweight  
Lightweight #0420 64 Design criteria • Functional criteria Lightweight construction is a design philosophy that aims to both reduce weight and increase resource efficiency. The aim of lightweight…  
8. 0421 Materiality  
Materiality #0421 64 Design criteria • Functional criteria Materials are chosen for functional and aesthetic reasons. Everything that people can touch (look at, touch) should be of a higher…  
9. 0422 Space efficiency  
Space efficiency #0422 64 Design criteria • Functional criteria Space efficiency is an imperative for economical production and practical handling. In terms of function, the word refers to the…  
10. 0423 Identical parts, Standards  
Identical parts, Standards #0423 64 Design criteria • Functional criteria Standard components are used in design to simplify development, reduce costs and reduce part diversity. There are freely…  
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