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Miss the deadline #0259

Project risks • project risk timing

No matter if it is due to wrong estimation of the invested time, poor planning or absences due to illness: The exceeding of a deadline should not happen, especially not more than once. If a deadline cannot be met, this almost always results in further changes to the plan and additional expenses. One deadline is usually followed by another, which is then also at risk.



This cardinal problem should be avoided by the project manager in the first place. A risk occurs for example if the project is not divided into individual phases using milestones. Only towards the end it becomes apparent that you are late. In order not to be faced with a big deadline at the end, intermediate goals have to be set. In this way, the team notices after the first steps whether the schedule is realistic or not. Nevertheless, if the deadline is in danger, all forces must be focused on the goal. It is also important that the team feels involved. It is important that team and management work together so that both parties are informed about the current status and the deadlines of the project and also feel responsible for them.


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