0303 Patent infringement

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Patent infringement #0303

Project risks • project risk legal

When a new project is created there is always the risk of infringing the rights of third parties. For example, this may involve copyrights or industrial property rights that are disregarded through carelessness. Each country has different laws so it is difficult to get an overview of all risks of legal infringements. If the developer does not keep this in mind, an infringement can happen without being noticed at first.



A worldwide patent or property right search is very complex and only sometimes the right measure. This approach is like searching for a needle in a haystack. An absolute certainty is therefore not possible. The team should be aware that this risk exists and therefore rely on heuristics to guarantee relative certainty. A proven principle is to look at competitors in the same field. In an ideal case, the project gains distance to competitors. If this cannot be achieved, it is necessary to pay close attention to possible overlaps.


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