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Sportomedix / fastprotect malleo

Faster than real time.....

 ...or - a safety belt for the ankle. With this innovative idea, SPORTOMEDIX developed an effective aid to protect vulnerable or pre-damaged ankle joints. A new type of adaptor, which reacts three times faster than the body, allows complete freedom of movement and load, even for pre-damaged joints. From a functional prototype, a groundbreaking new medical device was developed, which won the PLUS X AWARD, red dot and GERMAN INNOVATION AWARD in 2020.

-> more info on sportomedix.com

1,5 Prozent


  • Project 1,5
  • Pantone Color of the year 2020


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  • Compamed 2019 - as always hall 8a / H13
  • Rejoin - Single Use
  • Aesculap - Multi Use
  • Brandnew: HELIX by Dynamic Biosensors
  • Spindiag - User centered design against MRSA germs!
  • CeraFab S65 - 3D printing system
  • Alpha.Glass - new laser-controlled measuring system


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AESCULAP AG | Orthopädisches Grundinstrumentarium

Red dot Design Award 2019 - for B.Braun Aesculap and WILDDESIGN

The Wild design team received a red dot design award in July 2019 for the basic orthopaedic instruments, which are made exclusively of stainless steel. The matt surface finish has been optimised for reprocessing and glare-free surgery, and the symmetrical design of the instruments provides clear orientation for its correct use. Fluently rounded shapes create an ergonomic impression, enabling an optimal fit for the user’s hand. Thanks to elongated surfaces and a uniform structure, the grip areas are clearly recognisable.


Statement by the jury Due to their uncompromising materiality, the basic orthopaedic instruments impress with their outstanding ergonomic and sustainable properties.


> Casestudy Basic Orthopaedic Instruments

AESCULAP AG | Orthopädisches Grundinstrumentarium


  • Our first red dot ... together with B.BRAUN Aesculap!
  • Member of the largest consulting network for the healthcare industry
  • The copy compliments the creator… True or not?
  • GOOD DESIGN AWARDS 2019 / best in class for the APAS Independence
  • SpinDiag - freshly dressed up
  • SIASUN campaign in Germany
  • MOBINOSTICS Pre-Launch
  • Sound Talks - good vibes!


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