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Wellness is not only supposed to feel good but also look good. Wellsystem is the inventor of the first dry-water massager and, as market leader, convinces with excellent quality, functionally and also aesthetically. With the new Wave and MedWave line, the company now presents the result of a first collaboration with WILDDESIGN.

With ease

The design of the new generation is no longer evocative of a futuristic sun lounger, as it was the case with its predecessor. Instead, the high-quality appearance is based on noble ceramic bathtubs. The softly rounded plastic casing under the mat blends discreetly into various fields of application thanks to its clean look and simple colors.

The mat seems to float on the base and gives wellsystem an aura of lightness and relaxation. The design of the neck element was particularly challenging for designers and manufacturers. While most parts of the mat rest gently on the surface of the water, the ergonomic elevation encloses the shoulder and neck area. At the same time, it must be very flexible in order not to impair the massage function, but it has to retain its shape even after the massage and without water pressure.

Tim Meier

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What was the WILDDESIGN part?

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Two in one

One of the biggest challenges? The versatile use of wellsystem in different facilities. Wellsystem offers a Lounge and a Clinic version of the dry-water massage. Despite the remaining device topology, both versions had to fit seamlessly into a wide variety of application areas. As a consequence, two different designs had to be created with cladding elements which were as identical as possible. Each bears its own character and thus fits perfectly into the environment in which it is used.

wellsystem wave

Wellsystem lounge and clinic

The Wave version is used in the wellness sector, for example in fitness clubs, spas or hotels. Therefore, it integrates into subdued lighting environments and invites potential users to linger and relax.

The MedWave variant, on the other hand, is used as a medical product. The even more intensive dry-water massage helps against tension, chronic issues and can support other treatments. Among other places, it is used in clinics, rehabilitation facilities and doctors' offices. Compared to the lounge version, the appearance is brighter and conveys seriousness and cleanliness.

wellsystem medwave

Accentuating through details

The complex technology inside must of course be well cooled, but an open grille would have destroyed the clean ceramic character. The ventilation is therefore hidden by a slightly recessed panel in the lower part of the unit. Simultaneously, different graphic inserts create an easily customizable unique selling point. In an initial design, material details accentuated the device, for example a clean stainless steel screen for the medical area or a natural wood look for the wellness area. The lighting behind it can also be adapted to the environment, making it appear for example invitingly warm or soothingly cool.

With these solutions, wellsystem can be used flexibly in various facilities without high costs and material expenses and it can also be individualized if required.



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