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During a sudden cardiac arrest, every second counts: If a defibrillator can be used within three minutes, the chances of survival increase by 80 percent. However, as this is usually not tangible, the MedTec startup Liimtec developed a defibrillator for the handbag. The Austrians hired WILDDESIGN to take care of the design of this lifesaver.

Lifesaver always at hand
Lifesaver always at hand


The PocketDefi should be light, intuitive, compact and inexpensive. Company founder Jasper Ettema's idea is to give access to this life-saving technology to as many people as possible. The PocketDefi should not only be an integral part of every doctor's kit - patients at risk, police officers, first-aiders in companies or climbers should all be able to easily carry the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) with them.

In addition to size, weight and price, there is another challenge to the developers: The design of the PocketDefi should overcome the psychological hurdle to apply it in an emergency. With a consumer-like design, the product should be clearly different from its competitors, but still be recognizable as a life-saving medical device.

AED (automated external defibrillator)


WILDDESIGN developed a minimalist and function-oriented design for the PocketDefis housing. Without decorative elements, but impressively compact: With dimensions of 8 x 10 x 5 centimeters, the defibrillator is the size of a compact camera, and thus fits in any pocket. At only 300 grams, it can be easily and comfortably carry on longer distances - and thus makes the same life-saving shock delivery as the big defibrillators without compromising on the smallest space. For the designers to achieve this compactness, the electrodes are not laid flat, but curved. The electrodes are located in a separate component that must be unsealed before use. This way, the user can be sure to hold a properly functioning device in his hands.

Lifesaver in handbag format


Safety and user-friendliness were a priority during conception: the shock delivery takes place after analysis of the patient's heartbeat; improper defibrillation is therefore not possible. In addition, a buzzer and speaker give instructions to the user about the behavior during the emergency and minimize the risk of incorrect operation. A light strip and button (RGB LEDs) can change the color and serve as a status indicator.


The PocketDefi is designed for private users and as equipment for every doctor, and is supposed to grant access to the life-saving technology to as many people as possible: in addition to doctors, it should also be accessible to police officers, first responders in companies, climbers, high-risk patients, etc. Connected to the Smartphone, the PocketDefi provides software updates, but also reminders for service and maintenance, to its users. The device can be loaded inductively via a charging station. The PocketDefi is combined with an app that calls the wearers of the three closest PocketDefis in case of emergency - in case your own device should not be at hand. The PocketDefi is currently in the test phase and should be available at a price similar to that of a smartphone starting in autumn 2018. This will be supported with a crowdfunding campaign during October, according to start-up protocol.


Liimtec is a young MedTec startup from Austria, which aims to reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death by developing mobile lifesavers. The Graz-based company has devised a concept for a handy, user-friendly defibrillator called PocketDefi. With the promise of a grant from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), the team around founder and managing director Jasper Ettema secured the budget for the series development.

Liimtec GmbH
Schießstattgasse 5/39
8010 Graz Österreich

Jasper Ettema

Jasper Ettema about the cooperation with WILDDESIGN: "The designers at WILDDESIGN have succeeded in giving PocketDefi a professional, aesthetic look. The first conceptual images were already very popular, both internally and in the public, and gave us a big leap in development. "

Marc Ruta, COO of WILDDESIGN: "Jasper Ettema got us excited about his PocketDefi at the Medica. It was a pleasure to be responsible for the design of the world's smallest amateur defibrillator. In addition, it was attractive to be able to support a start-up in the realization of its innovative business idea through the good cooperation with the ambitious Liimtec team."

Marc Ruta

Project management Liimtec:
Jasper Ettema

Project Management WILDDESIGN:
Tim Meier

AED (automated external defibrillator)


  • Double award in the ideas competition 'European Satellite Navigation Competition': "Austria Award" and additionally special prize "GNSS Living Lab" from the European Commission
  • 2nd place at the Elevator Pitch 2016
  • 2nd place in the technology category at the i2B competition of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and Erste Bank Sparkasse
  • 1st place at the WeAreDevelopers Start-up Pitching Competition 2017
  • World Summit Award Austria Winner in the category Health & Well-Being 2017


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