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Celsius 42 | Medical design to series production

Case Study about the intensive cooperation at an innovative cancer treatment equipment with our partner BYTEC Medizintechnik.

Celsius TCS Hyperthermia system
Celsius TCS Hyperthermia system

Cancer therapy by Electro hyperthermia

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The electro-hyperthermia device "TCS" is a treatment system, which is used an adjuvant to conventional cancer therapy. With the aid of high-frequency radio waves, the tumor region is heated selectively. Tumor cells are unable to dissipate this heat and suffer damage, whereas healthy cells are not affected by the treatment. From the beginning the demand for the project was very high: the system had to set new standards in the areas of therapy services, usability and patient-friendly design.


First, the usability was studied and implemented in a new mechanical design. The RF electrodes to be positioned on both sides of the body had to be easy to put in place and adjust, without compromising safety. The applied RF radiation of up to 500W represented a significant safety risk, which had to be resolved through appropriate structural design.


In the final version, a soft support was created from a grid of replaceable viscous polyurethane tiles, wherein the tile with the RF electrode could dock automatically in each position to a cooling system. The counter electrode can be fixed by means of a continuously adjustable arm to the desired position. The small-scale production meant that polyurethane moldings were used throughout.



  • Housing concept
  • Usability concept

product development

  • Mechanical engineering
  • 3D-Modelling
  • User manual
Marc Ruta

Your contact partner

Marc Ruta, project leader

medical design system for hyperthermia treatment
Comfortable inviting mattress made from high viscosity PU
medical design positioning handle for the upper RF electrode
A positioning handle for the upper RF electrode
medical design water-cooled bolus protects the skin
A water-cooled bolus protects the skin
Usability Simplified device operation
Simplified device operation
Usability Emergency stop switch
Emergency stop switch


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