One model says more than “X” renderings _

Along the lines of "a picture is worth a 1000 words", we try wherever possible and affordable, to make a model. You benefit, because any problems become visible early and can be solved economically. Together with a number of powerful rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing services, we offer the following services to you.

_ initial mock up in low tech_ prototypes and small series batches_ fine adjustment with the client
_ initial mock up in low tech
_ prototypes and small series batches
_ fine adjustment with the client

Prototyping/ relevant services

Prototype construction

On the basis of preliminary designs and sketches we develop 3D CAD structure and surface data as a prerequisite for modeling using rapid prototyping, or for further refinement of the construction.


In the short term rapid prototyping results are integrated into the development process. Depending on the specific requirement, functional models, design models, and partial or complete prototypes based on our 3D CAD data are designed and procured.


Production of zero-and small series products in rapid manufacturing processes, e.g. for clinical trials. Vacuum casting, simplified tooling, aluminum or silicon molds or parts generation directly from STL, SLS or metal sintering process.

Prototyping models

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Marc Ruta / Head of Design Development
+49 209 702 642 00 

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