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The Web has become the main showcase for your brand and will continue to grow dynamically in the years to come. Even if sometimes tagging along with new hypes is not worth it, the web should be developed as a communication platform in both directions. The expiry dates of websites are constantly shortening, and outdated content is a quality issue.

_ start with an impressive image
_ start with an impressive image


First, define the objectives

Website development starts with a clear definition of objectives – is it to be a small business card on the web or a complex, multi-lingual group representation? Should business be generated through the website or is it for a bidirectional "dialogue" with the target group? Depending on the purpose of the site, the development costs can vary considerably.

The web is constantly changing

The web environment is changing much faster than the environment in the real economy. Technologies and optimization strategies become obsolete faster than they can be learned. We therefore recommend you to team up with specialists in this field. We also work with various external programmers and web developers, and focus on the overall impact in terms of brand identity integrity.

Important in the medical technology and elsewhere

Usability has become an "issue" in medical technology, but it is an important design stage for any product. Ergonomics, the study of the human factor, is the basis of usability. Already known and applied in safety for a long time, insights into usability in the context of software development and interaction with screens is more relevant than ever.

Case Studies

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After clarification of the objectives an appropriate website architecture is developed with a design plan. The content structure is presented in a sitemap. Hosting and selection of the software base are included in the design.


The home page and other key screens are developed as examples and brought together in the form of templates. We focus our attention on a consistent design plan and a unique appearance.


Based on the final design specifications, the design layout for the templates is programmed in a suitable web system. The emphasis here is on the search engine optimized implementation and the high accessibility of the future website.


The content editing and finalization of the images and text, and the acquisition of image rights are implemented as a rule with partners. We manage the process in order to achieve as focused a result as possible.


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