Quo vadis, design _

Design strategy answers the question of where we want the design to go. Do you
know what makes your products successful? Not really? Then let's find out together.

_ creativity on a plain ground
_ creativity on a plain ground

Design strategy

Ask questions ...

The right design can be only found by asking the right questions. This must be done at the beginning. We focus on the users or the buyers, as appropriate and explore their needs by simple, pragmatic methods. Using intuition and participation, these methods create strong identification with the results.

... and observe.

We build a basis for innovation, not through extensive statistical surveys, but through the precise observation of habits and routines, and by taking into account errors and risks.

Markus Wild

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Markus Wild / Design Consultant
+49 209 702 642 00 

relevant services

Design Portfolio Analysis

The design portfolio analysis compares your products with key competitors and identifies development opportunities for the design intent and the range of products. All available resources are used.

Design Lab Workshop

The design lab is how we create and validate design directions at the beginning of product development. It includes the targeted production of ideas and checking the feasibility based on a set of requirement filters.

Co Creation Workshop

The co-creation workshop is a method to let different interest groups (marketing, development, service, user) work on a common task. It is also about the positive experience of working together.

Design Award Strategy

Design is an excellent marketing amplifier - international design awards are the appropriate instrument for that. As part of the design award strategy we choose the right awards for you and manage the administrative aspects.

Resonance Testing

As the new design "arrives", it’s best to check early. User or expert interviews help to make a reality check here without too much effort. Different versions can be compared for evaluation and the basic willingness to purchase reviewed.

China Market & Design Strategy

Effective access to the Chinese market is for many medium-sized companies linked with a variety of cultural adaptations. With our China Market Design Strategy we provide you with the optimal framework for strategic decisions


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