VISION (Design Factor 18/24)

Brand Strategy, The Big Picture

In succession of design factor 17 TRENDS we begin to focus on the future vision of the brand. Where do we want to be as a brand in 2, 5 and 10 years? An extremely difficult question to answer in our fast moving global economy.

If devising a vision for the coming year seems difficult it seems almost impossible to imagine the vision in 10 years - and why think this far ahead at all?

A well-articulated vision is nothing more than a clear set goal with which you can compare the brand progress as it moves into the future. A vision is incredibly effective because it helps combine the forces of many individuals and groups toward a common goal without becoming entangled in micro-management.

The vision is usually formulated in comparison to the current state of the brand or company. Measured by today's standards and position what is the relative change that needs to be achieved in order to reach the vision? How can a competitive advantage be achieved in comparison to the current competition? Like any clear goal the vision should be measurable and have concrete images or clear values - hence "the big picture".

In design, we often speak of a product vision, a conceptual depiction of the future product that shows how it might look in the future. Despite the product being conceptual and lacking in detail, the image can create a huge amount of anticipation and inspiration.

A vision is nothing without a strong set of supporting brand strategies which allow the vision to come to fruition through tangible action.

Longevity and consistency, are brand values that are supported by a cleverly formulated vision.


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Image source: Shutterstock, WILDDESIGN

The WILDCARDS and 24 design factors are copyrighted (Author Markus Wild , copyright number 1539098).


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