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The name is perhaps the most important part of the brand and has an effect on nearly all of its aspects. Does the name suit the brand? With the name and brand often used interchangeably this is not as strange of a question as it might seem.

The name is used to uniquely identify and distinguish it from competitor offerings in the market. The problem is that in an increasingly dense global economy, it is difficult to find the gaps between the existing brands and brand names. Therefore more and more often the process is turning other way round: A brand is defined by the names that are still free to use.

Next we move to the more substantial portion of the brand's definition, the brand message and the brand story. What does this brand mean? What is its purpose? Is there a story to tell? Does it enrich the brand message?

In the CI (corporate identity) manual this detail is structured in a way that the brand can be designed and developed consistently. Not only are the visual factors defined, but everything which can be owned by the brand. Specific sounds, textures, colours or even bottle shapes can all be defined to create a more unique brand experience.

Try to imagine what effect the brand has on the product it sells. What effect would another brand selling the same product have on it? Would it be perceived as more valuable or charming? Consider what is left if there were no longer a brand, or a so called "no name" product. Do the product features hold their own or is the brand essential to the products success?

The corresponding design factor PRODUCT VALUE (Design Factor 2/24) brand values are an important area that needs to be addressed in context.


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The WILDCARDS and 24 design factors are copyrighted (Author Markus Wild , copyright number 1539098).


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