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Fresh & creative WILDCARDS Spain and India published!

No two countries are the same.

After the successful launch of our WILDCARDS decks for Germany and China, we are now delivering two new sets, for India and Spain. Again, ten different topics are illustrated and clearly show the differences of cultures in comparison. (You can download the sets for free at the end of this article)




As a multicultural creative agency with people from over 15 nations working together, we have learned there are ways to speed up transition from stumbling confusion to meaningful collaboration.
Getting into the creative zone can be like awakening a place within us we may find when we travel, and when we dream. It is a mood of eagerness and a welcoming of things completely new, added onto to our lives that are already rich with observation and experience. Designers, marketers, advertisers, social media managers, PR professionals, and sales teams need to tap into that place if they want to have a better chance of doing well in new territory.

If you want to create something successful for people from a culture that is new to you, it is inevitable that you must learn its particularities, even when you may not be able to go there in person.



You don’t want to make simple mistakes that can turn off your audience. The color white, for example, speaks of freshness and innocence, and the start of something new in many Western countries, while in India it is considered the hue of mourning, and commands a different kind of respect. In Spain you will find people that love color; they play in a bright spectrum throughout their daily lives. India also loves colors, but they are their own. These and other examples depicted in your WILDCARDS deck are important, definable cultural realities that differ in ways that are important to know if you want to find success in India or Spain.

You can hold the WILDCARDS in your hands, pass them around the table, and even follow helpful games built into the cards in order to get your team playing together, focusing on the country they need to understand.

It’s usually not possible to fly to a new country in order to explore its culture every time, and even when it is, you want to arrive prepared. From our design team to your team, we hope you’ll enjoy the WILDCARDS way of introducing Spain and India to your brand.


The digital versions of the WILDCARDS can be downloaded for free.






-> Here you will find further information about the WILDCARDS-project and all currently released WILDCARDS.

Many thanks to the contributors of the india and spain WILDCARDS project:
Bhagyashri Tamboli, Jimena Garcia Mateo, Adrián Vallejo

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Originally written by Markus Wild, 22. September 2015. Last updated 23. January 2018

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