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The WILDCARDS: A tool for multicultural spirits

Dieser Artikel ist derzeit nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar.

The WILDCARDS project was born from our passionate team of cross-cultural designers. As many other international companies our teams in Europe and Asia have to deal with the challenge of communicating and working together when the cultural background are so diverse. To facilitate cross-cultural exchange and simply because we love deep diving into cultures, we came up with the WILDCARDS. Each of those WILDCARDS aim to explore and analyze a specific topic and what it means for China, Germany and other countries.

Initially you can download the 2013 GERMANY & CHINA set as an e-book at the bottom of the article, but shortly we will also be able to offer it as a printed version.


For our first release, we have chosen to develop 2 half sets for both China & Germany so you can play around and compare cultural differences about those 2 countries.




The WILDCARDS are a tool that can be used by any person involved in a multicultural environment. If you are a foreigner starting a project in a country that is unfamiliar to you, these cards can help you get insights on the people you are targeting. If you are a member of an international team, these cards can help you to drive discussions and workshops to help understand cultural differences. If you are simply curious about the world and wish to know more about what’s out there, these beautiful cards can make you travel and discover cultures.


Because we like to share, we decided to release this tool for free on this blog. You simply have to register below and download a digital version of 10 German and 10 Chinese WILDCARDS, a perfect gift to yourself and loved ones.

-> Here you will find further information about the WILDCARDS-project and all currently released WILDCARDS.


PS: Don’t forget to tell us what other activities you performed with this cards! Mail us here or comment below.


Many thanks to all contributors to the WILDCARDS project, to Yuan Feng for her planning & concepting, to Siva Kumaresan, Jian Shen, Pengfei Du, Ale Lara, Andrew Berno, Maxime Journeaux, Nick Booth and Benjamin Goetze for content research, to Manuel Arias, Xiaodong Ma, Romain Hostal, Thomas Schwaiger, Francois de Martrin-Donos, Christian Kuehn for graphic design, and to Joseph Nelson and Muhan Zhang for keeping things going.


WILDCARDS - Erklär' deine Kultur auf 19 Karten
Markus Wild


Markus schreibt über Design- und Innovationsmanagement, Kreativitätsmethoden, Medical Design und Intercultural Branding. Mehr über...

Originally written by Markus Wild, 28. Dezember 2013. Last updated 26. August 2016

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