Designing a Logo: Behind the Curtains

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Designing a Logo: Behind the Curtains | WILDDESIGN

Usually the simplest design requires the most time and work. Many clients, who naturally are not familiar with the design process, don’t realize how much effort we put in as designers. The ‘simple stuff’ isn’t always so simple.

One prominent example of this kind of “simple” designs are logos. Small and easy, yet they are the very front line of your brand. You must be very cautious when deciding on your company logo. Today, we want to unveil some of our design secrets and disclose the details of the logo making process. We will show what the clients don’t see and what goes on behind the curtain.

Keep in mind that this is a very basic and simplified scheme of a logo development. Our goal is provide not only ours, but all design order-givers with an essential knowledge of design processes, because often the perception gap between designers and clients about task complexity, or the execution time leads to many misunderstandings. Let’s find out what makes making these little logos so complicated!

Let’s demystify the whole process in a nutshell


Here comes the challenge…

Aside from research and analysis of making logo, logo refinement process is also one of the most tedious processes. This process is invisible to the client as sometimes the changes are so small that it does not look like there is a difference. Usually, it consumes a lot of time to make the logo look smooth.

When we need to adopt the right approach…

A designer’s eyes tends to see things with a sense of visually detail. With every logo made, there are rules and regulations that designers make in order to make the logo clean and tidy. These rules and regulations act as a guide for the logo. The guides are made of simple shapes such as lines, rectangle, circle and triangles. These lines are then formed into some kind of pattern. The logo then is put nicely and symmetrically into the guide.

In order to get more than great results!

These technical steps are compulsory for every logo to look simple, beautiful and complete. The simpler it is, the more complicated it is behind the scenes. A small error or unsymmetrical mistake could result into a very different outcome.

Other than that, designers also need to pay attention to the most precise details because just a little bit detail error can impact the final result.

Ask yourself a few questions

It would be the best, if aside from your personal taste and vision, you also consider and discuss with your design team the following factors highlighted as crucial by many experts when it comes to designing a logo.

1. Simple?

A perfect logo should looks simple and effortless. It should be simple enough to be instantly understood by the audience.

2. Memorable?

Every brand dreams of a logo that will be remembered by the crowds! Here, we come back to point no. 1 – simplicity. The simpler and catchier the logo, the bigger chances that it will be remembered by your clients. Actually, you can quickly realize if your logo really burns into memory or not. Show your logo project to some friends, employees or simply strangers (ready for ruthless feedback?), then ask them to describe the logo as closely as possible, or better ask them to draw it! If they are able to do it, you’re doing it right!

3. Ageless?

Of course, a lot of brands undergo rebranding over time that include some changes to their logo. Don’t try to follow the trends at all costs. Think what can really withstand the test of time and harmonize with the development of your brand.

4. Adaptable?

Is it easily adaptable to different sizes without losing quality? Remember that the best logos work well across different media.

5. Appropriate?

Does it resonate with your audience? Audiences should immediately recognize what do the company does by looking from the logo. Therefore, the brand is more memorable and long last as it served its purpose.

How we do logos at WILDDESIGN

See some examples of the logo creating process at WILDDESIGN:

Logo for Shanghai International Fashion Education Center (enlarge for more details):

Designing a Logo: Behind the Curtains: SIFEC | WILDDESIGN
Designing a Logo: Behind the Curtains: SIFEC | WILDDESIGN
Designing a Logo: Behind the Curtains: SIFEC | WILDDESIGN
Designing a Logo: Behind the Curtains: SIFEC | WILDDESIGN
Designing a Logo: Behind the Curtains: SIFEC | WILDDESIGN

Logo for a German cosmetics brand VYON (enlarge for more details):

Designing a Logo: Behind the Curtains: VYON | WILDDESIGN
Designing a Logo: Behind the Curtains: VYON | WILDDESIGN
Designing a Logo: Behind the Curtains: VYON | WILDDESIGN
Designing a Logo: Behind the Curtains: VYON | WILDDESIGN
Designing a Logo: Behind the Curtains: VYON | WILDDESIGN

Check out our logo-related case studies:

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Logo for a three-roll-milling machines Trilos case-study >>>>

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Logo for a medical equipment company PreeKem case-study >>>>

If you have any questions related to design processes, please let us know in the comments below or don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’re waiting for both clients’ and designers’ perspective!

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